The Age of Social Media Entrepreneurs

There’s no debating that our lives now truly revolve around social media. We may want to shy away from it but in all honesty we use the internet for almost everything in our lives. Be it checking latest news, fashion trends, gossip, sport, seeing what people you know are up to or even what your […]


So let’s get back to the basics of actually starting the journey as an entrepreneur. How do you build your business? Where do you even start? Having a good business idea and actually making money from this idea are two very different things. You need to know how to execute the idea in a way […]


As promised guys I will be sharing articles and lessons every Tuesday during lunch time (CAT) and doing follow up videos every Thursday evening. To start off with welcome to Millennials in Business! I hope this platform will help a lot of you build or grow your ventures in Africa. The theme for this month […]

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