My business is based in South Africa and after the week we’ve just had in the country with Xenophobic attacks, kidnapping, rape and murder of women and children a discussion needs to be had. South Africa is praised as one of the most developed countries in Africa. This is true. South African infrastructure is almost […]

The Age of Social Media Entrepreneurs

There’s no debating that our lives now truly revolve around social media. We may want to shy away from it but in all honesty we use the internet for almost everything in our lives. Be it checking latest news, fashion trends, gossip, sport, seeing what people you know are up to or even what your […]

Entrepreneurs Deserve Friday Vibes Too!!

It’s Friday! Yay right? Well most entrepreneurs would tell you, not really. Entrepreneurs sometimes feel like they are above rest and they’re lives must revolve around work. We’re all human though and when it gets to Friday you also want to feel like you can unwind and chill for the weekend. So how do you […]

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