There’s no debating that our lives now truly revolve around social media. We may want to shy away from it but in all honesty we use the internet for almost everything in our lives. Be it checking latest news, fashion trends, gossip, sport, seeing what people you know are up to or even what your competitors are up to. This is our life now, no use denying it. I have started noticing something very fascinating, the social media “entrepreneurs”.

What is this, you ask? Well it’s a group of aspiring influencers who spend their days online posting motivational quotes, telling you how business must be done and recently (i kid you not, this shocked me) how fun entrepreneurship is. They usually have it all together, no bad days, always look good and they always close the deal. Nothing wrong with sharing your two cents online of course but what I’ve come to notice is most of these “influencers” are not actually entrepreneurs. They don’t run any business, they’re not starting one, some do have projects they’re working on but haven’t launched as a business yet.

I find it very strange that people with no experience in business or entrepreneurship feel qualified to go online and share advice on the topic. There’s nothing wrong with motivating people or giving advice but why pose as an entrepreneur while doing it. The danger here is people sharing advice they don’t have any practical knowledge on, this can be very misleading. The absolute worst thing is when you try and have a peek at they’re work or company, you find nothing, zilch! Not even a website or Facebook page.

This is a problem for me. Entrepreneurship is a challenge and honestly has been the biggest challenge I’ve gone up against my whole life. To get through it, to be successful and build something great, you need real and honest advice. I’m not saying its all doom and gloom, it’s fulfilling but when you’re still building there’s nothing fun about it. Maybe the creative process of the business is fun but not the actual running of the business. A lot of young people are getting into entrepreneurship because they think its the easiest way to make more money, they have flexible time on the’re hands and there’s swag in it. These are the worst reasons to get into it.

I’m not trying to scare people off but i just want to be honest with you guys. Entrepreneurship is challenging but very rewarding. Think of it as being a new parent. You have sleepless nights, you don’t really know what you’re doing, you get frustrated and scared but you can never trade that child you’re raising for anything else. It’s rewarding and fulfilling, some might even say it makes you feel complete. So take online advice from some of these people with a pinch of salt, trust me you can tell the difference when an actual entrepreneur gives advice. There’s usually a lightbulb moment or its just hard truths.

Happy social scrolling!

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