It’s Friday! Yay right? Well most entrepreneurs would tell you, not really. Entrepreneurs sometimes feel like they are above rest and they’re lives must revolve around work. We’re all human though and when it gets to Friday you also want to feel like you can unwind and chill for the weekend. So how do you balance out building a dream and having a life?

I know there’s a lot of talk about being successful through focus and sacrifice, i totally agree with that. There’s also talk about late nights, early mornings, starving distractions and just burying yourself in your dream. I guess this works for some people, but I don’t think you have go to extremes to achieve your goals. Now i’m not advocating for laziness or procrastination but honestly if you can do what needs to be done in 5 hours and do other things you love why not?

I used to be a person who neglected weekends, felt guilty when i had to get off my laptop at night, didn’t nurture friendships and relationships and honestly that life sucked. Not to mentioned i worked really hard but never had the money to show for it. A complete nightmare!! Imagine the bitterness and self doubt you develop because you’ve been pulling in long hours but still have to ask for airtime. A joke!!

What i’m trying to get to my fellow millennial entrepreneurs is don’t overwork yourself because it doesn’t always translate to money. Sometimes you’re stuck working in the business so much you can’t see what you’re doing wrong or right. Take time out,it helps with your perspective. Also get that Friday joy back if you can honestly make time for it. Enjoy relationships and friendships, they matter too! If you have a full time job and a side hustle try working on your business during the week too for an extra one or two hours after work and maybe half the day on weekends. You honestly don’t have to slave yourself to be defined as an entrepreneur, there’s no rule that says that!

So put your feet up, take a break and go have dinner or grab a drink with a friend later. After all its a Friday and entrepreneurs deserve breaks too!!

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