We’ve all had a few bright ideas on businesses we can start. Some came to us when we were out taking a walk, others came from watching TV and others might have come over drinks with some friends. But how many of those business ideas actually turned into real businesses. If you’re a business owner its safe to say your business is one of them.

But what about the rest? What’s stopped us from launching those ideas? For most of you, you honestly don’t know how to start this up and that’s why I’m here. Your fearless business coach! I have a short list that could get you out of your head and into business!!

  1. PUT YOUR IDEA ON PAPER. This is very important and it’s the first step of seeing your idea outside of your head. It may seem small or unnecessary but it’s not. Articulate what kind of business you want to start, who’s your ideal customer, where will you get stock etc. Put all the stuff that’s in your head down on paper and read it to yourself. Don’t be afraid to edit it. This is how the magic begins.
  2. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Not the bar talk you had over the weekend but a real deep dive into the opportunity you’ve spotted. Know who you competitors will be, know what your customers are looking for, how much it will cost you and very important study those who came before and failed. Become a scholar of the idea, the worst thing you could do is be a business owner who doesn’t understand his/her business.
  3. HOW WILL YOU STRUCTURE THE BUSINESS? Don’t just dive into the business, know exactly how its going to work. Do you need partners or will you do t all alone. Do you need a physical space or you can start off from home or working online. Are there any certificates or licenses that you need to have before operation begins? Get your house in order make sure you and your business are ready to meet the world. And while you’re at it you can now register your business.
  4. MARKET. MARKET. MARKET. What’s the use of having a business if no one knows about it? If no one is buying from you, is it really worth having a business? Market your business and get customers, that’s the only way your business will survive.

It’s not that hard is it? In four simple steps you can turn your idea into a business. Wishing you luck!

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