So it’s July, and all over social media we’re being reminded that we’ve gone through half the year already. Everyone is asking what other people have done. Everyone is telling you not to waste the next six months. As much as I know we are all cheering along with the masses and proclaiming that we’re going to end the year with a bang, let’s take a step back and be honest with ourselves for a few minutes. How are we really doing so far?

I think there’s nothing wrong with admitting you didn’t do as well as you thought you would’ve by now. I’m also sure you’re going to be the only who honestly admits that somewhere along the lines you lost some steam and slacked on your goals. You know why I’m so sure? Because I also didn’t do my best this year. Am I proud to admit this? No! But, it’s the truth. There are things I could’ve done that I didn’t. There are opportunities I could’ve gone for, but I didn’t. I have times were I procrastinated, doubted myself, didn’t do my due diligence, in short I slept on myself. I had goals and milestones I’d set for myself that I haven’t reached, I was mad then disappointed, then found people and circumstances to blame. But when I was alone and I was brutally honest with myself I realized that yes some things were out of my control but I am the one who relaxed and dropped the ball. There it is my honest confession!

I know we’re all going for the positive vibes and all but don’t forget to be realistic. We will only reach our goals if we keep ourselves accountable. Start a system where you write down your goals clearly and review them every week. Sometimes we lose sight of our goals because we literally lose sight of them, see what you set for yourself, celebrate what you achieve and set a plan of action to achieve what you’ve missed. You’re the one who set the timeframes and if you miss them, change them don’t torture yourself about it.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, our strengths, weaknesses and shortcomings. Once we truly know ourselves we will be able to achieve our goals and hold ourselves accountable. Now, let’s end this year with a bang!!

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