Its a Tuesday and as promised I have a some amazing business information for our African Millennials. We are all looking for an opening and a chance to make some money in Africa. I put together some opportunities available for people serious about doing business and actually want to build some real businesses. So here it goes:

1. Agriculture. Africa is home to the most arable land on EARTH we have potential to feed the world.

2. Healthcare Services. Affordable, mobile healthcare providers are in demand in Africa’s rural communities.

3. Drones for helping products reach inaccessible areas.

4. E-Commerce Millennials and love buying things online. Make it secure and worth the’re while.

5. Transport and logistics. There is a lot of room for the private sector to enter the transport industry.

6. Retail. We have a rising middle class.

7. Waste Management. Local municipalities are failing to keep up with the needs of urban dwellers and you could recycle the waste as well.

8. Low cost private education. Government schools are not offering the best education anymore and more parents want their children to have more affordable but high quality education.

9. Fintech. Banks and financial services are moving online if you have knowledge on fintech products introduce them to the market.

10. E-Study Platforms. Like i said the new generation wants to do everything online.

11. Renewable energy and Power. Akon is making a killing for a reason.

12. Startup funding. Entrepreneurs in Africa lack access to funding, if you have access to capital you can make a killing offering this to businesses.

13. Exporting Local products. You are most likely to get government support because they need the foreign currency.

I will break everything down more in a video that i promise to share by the end of the week. Happy money making!!

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