Millennials Building Empires

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

My name is Kudzai and I’m a proud millennial entrepreneur who is passionate about making an impact in Africa. I believe people need to start looking at the continent as a place of opportunity and not hunger and war. If we all come together as Africans we are able to grow to amazing heights. This is why Millennials In Business was created!

This project has literally been years in the making and I’ve put it off and tweaked it so many times. I love sharing knowledge and helping people grow their businesses and build better futures. Because of that I’ve decided to share African business best practices with my entire network of followers!! Today is the first day of a long and beautiful journey with you all. Millennials In Business is a network of millennials ready to change the narrative about African economies and take their destinies into their own hands by building scale-able businesses in key sectors of the economy. No more waiting around for government to finally figure it out for us.

Through this page i will share insights, experiences and inspiration for anyone who is aspiring to become an entrepreneur. Embarking on a business journey is not easy or glamorous but if done right it’s worth it! Look out for my weekly Doing Business in Africa lessons every Tuesday as well as a video follow up and discussion every Thursday!

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