As promised guys I will be sharing articles and lessons every Tuesday during lunch time (CAT) and doing follow up videos every Thursday evening. To start off with welcome to Millennials in Business! I hope this platform will help a lot of you build or grow your ventures in Africa. The theme for this month is DOING BUSINESS IN AFRICA FOR AFRICANS which is why I decided to start off with some information on ease of doing business in Africa.

Millennials have proven to be a very entrepreneurial and independent bunch, something that makes us become a very misunderstood generation in our time. The most common narrative about millennials is that we can’t hold down a job, we’re lazy and we want instant gratification. Although some things are true you can’t take away from the fact that we are a very resourceful generation. Because of that entrepreneurial spirit it’s important for us to have as much information as possible for us to build businesses. If you’re from one of the countries below that’s great but if not don’t be afraid to take the leap and go set up there, I will share more information on how to do that on Thursday.

I’ve used the 2019 World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index for this list, I’ll share a link of the full Africa report at the bottom. It’s important to note that these indexes look at procedures, time, and cost and paid minimum capital requirement for a small to medium sized enterprise to startup and operate in the country’s largest city. (Sounds fair right?) Here are the top 10 countries with ease of doing business in Africa in order:
1. Mauritius.
2. Rwanda.
3. Kenya.
4. South Africa.
5. Botswana.
6. Zambia.
7. Seychelles.
8. Lesotho.
9. Namibia.
10. Malawi
I’ll share more detail on starting or growing a business in each of these markets on video posts on social media. Here’s a link to the full report:…/Prof…/Regional/DB2019/SSA.pdf

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